Abby’s Song “Hey There Hometown” Broke The Top 100

The Bobby Bones Show’s, Abby Leigh Anderson, premiered her first original song, “Hey There Hometown,” last week and it’s now available on all streaming platforms!  

Her hometown newspaper, The Wichita Eagle wrote an article about her with the headline Bobby Bones Helps Wichita Native Launch Singing Career in Her New Song About Wichita. Since debuting the song, it made it on to the Top 100 chart on iTunes at #60!  

Lunchbox, who has always been her biggest hater, thinks that she does not have a singing career and any song could make it into the Top 50. His hypothesis is that she did not write much of the song and that the two songwriters she worked with did. She stated that was not the case and she came to the studio and told the songwriters her story of what it was like growing up in Wichita and moving to Nashville to chase her dreams.  

The best thing for her about all this is that she had finally done something that she had always wanted to but was holding herself back from. For 10 years she told herself she would never be able to write and record an original song and that no one would take her seriously. Now that it’s happened, she feels limitless to what she can do. She would love to grow as an artist and get more personal with her songwriting and put out an EP. She is grateful for all the support she’s received so far and can’t wait to see what will come! 

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