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Most Popular Big Game Foods In Each State

The Big Game is just days away! With the game being played in Atlanta, I think we're all a bit more excited than usual because all the excitement is just a short drive away.

On Sunday, I'll be at watching the game with my family and I'm bringing my world-famous (I wish) sausage balls, but the menu for our party is pretty extensive. We've got wings, a cheese board, cheese dip, drinks, and so much more. If I'm being honest... I'm more excited for the food than the actual game.

When I was searching for some foods to add to the menu, I came across this article on Refinery29 that talked about the most popular foods being served at Big Game parties and the list is pretty interesting. I mean, one state's most popular food is paella.

I love Gilmore Girls and always think of that scene when paella is brought up.

Anyway, here's the list of the most popular foods. Will you be serving any of these?

Alabama: White chicken chili

Alaska: Nachos

Arizona: Cake

Arkansas: Fried chicken wings

California: Baked chicken breast

Colorado: Broccoli cheese soup

Connecticut: Buffalo chicken dip

Delaware: Chocolate peanut butter cake

D.C.: Bagel pigs in a blanket

Florida: Cake

Georgia: Buffalo chicken dip

Hawaii: Football cupcakes

Idaho: Salads

Illinois: Jalapeño poppers

Indiana: Fried rice

Iowa: Irish stew

Kansas: Buffalo chicken dip

Kentucky: Taco salad

Louisiana: Cupcakes

Maine: Paella

Maryland: Pizza

Massachusetts: Gluten free pretzels

Michigan: Pizza

Minnesota: Tacos

Mississippi: Granola bars

Missouri: Broccoli cheese soup

Montana: Lentil soup

Nebraska: Pigs in a blanket

Nevada: Vegan cheesy bacon spinach dip

New Hampshire: Cakes and cupcakes

New Jersey: Buffalo chicken dip

New Mexico: Pea and peppercorn mash

New York: Spinach dip

North Carolina: Cobb salad

North Dakota: Baked nachos

Ohio: Buffalo chicken dip

Oklahoma: Chicken noodle soup

Oregon: Banana bread

Pennsylvania: Chicken wings

Rhode Island: 7 layer dip

South Carolina: Turkey chili

South Dakota: Cupcakes

Tennessee: Cake

Texas: Spinach dip

Utah: Bacon wrapped smokies

Vermont: Lasagna

Virginia: Buffalo chicken dip

Washington: Cakes

West Virginia: Buffalo chicken dip

Wisconsin: Buffalo chicken dip

Wyoming: Cakes

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