My name is Amanda and I do all things digital (and a little more!) here at iHeartMedia! I'm a 23-year-old from Atlanta, Georgia. I am a daughter of Christ, blogger, Alpha Omicron Pi sister, best friend, coffee-enthusiast, and Georgia State alum (go 'thers). 

I own one of Nick Jonas's "Vote For Nick" guitar picks that he used himself. As a BIG fan, this is very important to me. Justin Bieber also follows me on Twitter. Don't ask why or how because honestly, I don't know. 

Some of my favorite things in life are hanging out with my family and friends, creating fun and creative content, baking my famous chocolate chip cookies, meeting new friends, taking pictures, catching up on the news, sitting on the beach, listening to a podcast, and sipping on an iced vanilla latte. I enjoy puppies, a little bit of whiskey, Gossip Girl, great bargains, traveling, laughter, peonies, glitter, and all things girly.

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