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4 Date Ideas For When You Need A Little Self Care

Date nights are one of my favorite things ever, but self-care is also! Being with your significant other has plenty of benefits. I know I'm always more relaxed when my boyfriend is around, but sometimes, a little R&R is also needed. 

When you're in need of a date night and a little self-care, here are four dates that allow you be with your significant other and get a little self-care in for the both of you!

Get a workout in.

Go to a workout class, go on a hike, or sign up for a run!

Go to a comedy club.

I love a good comedy club! They do say that laughter is the greatest medicine!

Get a massage.

A massage can relieve so much tension and is definitely a relaxing experience! 

Get outdoors and have a picnic.

Good food, good company, and a little time with mother nature can really reset your mood. 

What are other date ideas you love and swear by?

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