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4 Amazon Alexa Hacks You'll Want To Use For The Holidays

The holiday season has arrived. I've got my Christmas tree up here at the station, my house is completely decorated, and I have already started watching all the Christmas movies on Hallmark and Netflix. I basically brought the North Pole to myself and am as excited about Christmas as Buddy the Elf.

One of my favorite ways to listen to Christmas music is by asking my Amazon Alexa to play a Christmas playlist on iHeartRadio. Also, Alexa is really handy to have around this time of year because as magical as the holiday season feels, it can also be crazy busy. With shopping for gifts, meeting with family, decorating your place, and even making plans, you might just feel like you can't handle it all. If you've got an Alexa, use that cool device to help you this holiday season!

Play Your Favorite Holiday Tunes

Like I said earlier, it takes seconds to ask Alexa to play a Christmas playlist on iHeartRadio. We've got iHeartChristmas, Christmas Jazz, iHeartChristmas R&B, iHeartChristmas Classics, iHeartChristmas Country, North Pole Radio, and more! We're also throwing in some Christmas music, so you can listen to us, too!

Set Timers When You're Cooking

Maybe you're bringing a side dish or hosting a Christmas party at your house, whatever the case is, timers are essential. You definitely don't want to burn your dish and end up rushing to the store last minute. Alexa can set timers for you and remind you to pull your pie out of the oven. 

Countdown The Days Until Christmas

Enable the Christmas Countdown skill and you'll always know how many days until Santa comes!

Improve Your Holiday Light Game

Get some Alexa-compatible smart lights or smart plugs and then, you can easily ask Alexa to turn your holiday lights on or off. No more crawling behind the couch or underneath the Christmas tree to turn on festive lights. 

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