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How To Plan An Epic Fallsgiving

Fall is in the air. Can you smell the pumpkin pie, crisp leaves, and warm apple cider? 

The cool weather, cozy flannels, cute booties, pumpkin spice lattes, and the beautiful scenery are just a few things that make fall an easy season to fall in love with. I thrive in the fall and it is my absolute favorite season. When I heard about Fallsgiving, I knew that I had to get in on this fun, new tradition!

You read that right - Fallsgiving. Fallsgiving is all about spending time with your favorite people to celebrate this fun season!

The only real requirement of a good Fallsgiving is that you do fall-themed activities. Getting lost in a cornmaze, cheering on your favorite college football team, heading up to the north Georgia mountains to go apple picking, or taking a fall hike to enjoy the scenery. 

Want to plan your own Fallsgiving? Easy! Pick a date and invite your fall-loving friends. 

Not sure what to do? Well, you can watch spooky movies or television shows. Halloweentown, Hocus Pocus, and even a few episodes of Stranger Things are good ideas.

A little fall-themed gift swap is also a good idea. You can also host a brunch with more pumpkin waffles and pumpkin spice coffee than you can possibly eat and drink. Head out to a county fair and sip on warm hot chocolate while you take a ride on the ferris wheel. 

If you want to really get away, book a cabin in the woods! With Airbnb, the options are limitless!

The best part about celebrating Fallsgiving is that it is a way for you and your best friends to get together! Something that I miss so much about college is having my closest friends around me all the time. Now, my friends and I live all over, so finding time to spend together is hard. Luckily, we're got Fallsgiving to celebrate!

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