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Sweet Traditions To Start With Your S.O.

The little things are really important in a relationship. Whether it is knowing your partner's coffee order or watching the same movie every Christmas Eve, those little traditions mean so much. 

I'm in this Facebook group and I started a thread all about traditions we share with our significant other. Reading through all the sweet gestures has been so much fun and if you're looking for sweet little traditions to start doing with your S.O., here's a few of my favorites!

Picking out a holiday-themed mug every year.

Go on an early Christmas date and exchange ornaments.

Get a magnet or postcard everytime you travel.

Picking up a small treat and bringing it back home when you go to the convenience store.

Having a staple meal on the same day once a week.

Playing Jazz or Frank Sinatra while cooking Sunday morning brunch. 

Kissing each other after the first sip of wine. 

Have a special date for every season.

Texting a funny gif or video at the same time every day.

Telling each other three things you love about them before bed.

Make a photo calendar with favorite pictures from the past year. 

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