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How To Celebrate Mean Girls Day

"On Wednesdays, we wear pink" and this Wednesday, we also celebrate Mean Girls Day.

Mean Girls is a film that everyone needs to watch. There are so many pop culture references that come from this movie. I would even go as far to say that Mean Girls is ICONIC. Yes, I said it. Mean Girls is iconic.

Oct. 3 is known as Mean Girls Day and because it falls on a Wednesday this year, you better be wearing pink. 

This day needs to be celebrated, so here's a few ways to make this Mean Girls Day so fetch. 

Wear pink. Seriously, do it. You have to or you can't sit with us.

Try and make 'fetch' happen. Gretchen Wieners couldn't do it, but maybe you can.

Eat Taco Bell or cheese fries. Regina George is quoted a lot, but her most famous quote might just be "whatever, I'm getting cheese fries." George also mentioned that she couldn't eat Taco Bell because she was on an all-carb diet, but you know what? We aren't so hello, Taco Bell!

Watch Mean GirlsIf you do nothing else to celebrate the day, you need to this. Watch the movie!

Happy Mean Girls Day! Today is going to be so fetch.

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