This May Be The Secret To A Longer Life

We all want to live long, healthy, vibrant lives, don't we? Moneyish says that the secret to living longer is taking time off from work. 

Yes, that's right... more vacation time could help you live a little longer. Americans have been pretty bad about taking vacations and time off from work, but that has changed over the past few years. We are learning that slowing down and taking some time to recharge is necessary and completely acceptable to do. I'm all about the hustle, but I also understand that taking some time to focus on rest is incredibly beneficial and improves my day-to-day grind. 

Don't be afraid to use your vacation time. It is meant to be used and when you take some time off work, it benefits you in the following ways:

It reduces stress. More than half of Americans are burned out and overworked, so we need to rest. 

It promotes productivity. The longer you work, the less productive you get. A studt found that for each additional 10 hours that an employee took for vacation, his or her performance review was 8% higher the next year.

You could make more money. Those who take all of their vacation have a better chance of getting a promotion a raise. Vacations inspire great ideas, because getting out of your work environment can help you come up with the next big idea your job needs!

You can read the full article on Moneyish.

Amanda D

Amanda D

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