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How To Break Any Habit According To Experts

Habits are a great thing. Having a morning and evening routine, working out regularly, and evening brushing your teeth are all habits that are super beneficial. As a girl who loves a good routine, I am all for creating habits that will benefit my overall wellness.

In an interview with Bustle, Nina Perales, LCSW, founder of Perales Therapy, says "As human beings, we do things that benefit us in some way. When we build up habits, they probably served us at some point...even a 'bad' habit is one that has a function — perhaps short-term gratification, even if it leads to long-term suffering." 

Habits are not solely good or bad, but when you find yourself repeatedly doing something you don't like, you know you have to break it for your own good. Maybe you're biting your nails or repeatedly missing your workout. If you have a habit that needs to be broken, here's seven ways to make that change!

1. Vizualize Your Future Without The Habit

2. Practice Mindfulness

3. Replace The Old Habit

4. Identify Your Habit's Trigger

5. Have An Accountability Partner

6. Be Kind To Yourself 

7. Be Realistic

Whether you need to stop being late to everything or procrastinating, these tips from mental health professionals are sure to help you put an end to any bad habit.


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