Put Down Your Phone, There Are Better Ways To Start Your Day

Like many people, I used to start my day with scrolling through Instagram and checking e-mails for like half and hour. My alarm would go off and I immediately picked up my phone to scroll, scroll, scroll.

About a month ago, that changed. After listening to episode #119 of The Skinny Confidential Him & Her Podcast, where Lauryn Evarts talked all about self-care and her morning routine (which didn't involve picking up her phone the second she woke up), I knew that I had to make a change. 


I start my mornings with getting some natural light in my room, drinking lemon water, meditating, and a quick workout to get my body moving. I actually wake up a bit earlier and more energy. I don't start my day with minutes of mindlessly scrolling through social media or going through a ton of e-mails, but rather slowly and focusing on getting prepped for the day ahead.

Want to change up your morning routine? Are you starting and ending your day scrolling through the 'Gram? Change it up! Put your phone away in the evening and don't pick it up first thing in the morning. Focus on starting your morning slowly, but productive. Drink some water, develop a skincare routine, get in a quick workout, and sit down and sip your morning coffee. 

Put your phone down and develop a morning routine that will put you in the best mindset for the rest of the day!

Amanda D

Amanda D

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