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This Brand Is Ditching Photoshop In Ad Campaigns

Dove launched their Self-Esteem Project in 2004, but has taken their mission to promote self-esteem a bit further by putting an end to the use of Photoshop in their ad campaigns.

While Photoshop is used to make the models and celebrities look flawless and often unrealistic, brands and businesses have been embarrassed when they've had some major photoshop fails. 

Remember Vanity Fair's photos that made it look like Reese Witherspoon had three legs? That's definitely not a good look.

Seventy-seven percent of women, and 7 in 10 girls, believe that all images in the media have been digitally altered or airbrushed, according to Dove research.

Dove is rolling out the “No Digital Distortion Mark” in July so that we can trust that its images haven’t been retouched. This mark will be on all Dove images showcasing women across print, digital and social media by Jan. 2, 2019.

Dove is changing the way women perceive beauty by making an effort to show that everyone is beautiful. Dove's Self-Esteem Project is all about promoting self-esteem and confidence so that each person can reach their full potential without holding back. 

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