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Personality Tests That Will Change Your Life

If you've never taken a personality test, let me be the first to tell you that it will change your life. Personality tests can help you understand the way you think, how you react, and how you handle different situations in your life.

Of course, personality quizzes don't provide all the answers, but they're a start. Not to mention, personality quizzes can also be pretty fun! 

Here are four personality quizzes that might actually change your life.

16 Personalities Myers-Briggs Test

This is probably one of the most popular personality tests out there. After taking the test, you'll get your personality type, which will be a series of letters that each mean something along with a nickname for the personality type. You'll also get an in-depth description of everything about your personality type! I'm an INFJ (The Advocate).


This personality test has gained a lot of attention recently. The Enneagram is a system that describes nine distinct personality types, each described by a number. I'm a one. 

Who Am I?

This is a visual DNA test relies on visuals instead of words to determine your personality. You basically just choose different pictures to answer the questions. 

Here's How Much You Need A Vacation

This might not be exactly a personality type test, but maybe what you need is a little down time.  A little vacation. This fun little quiz will tell you just how important it is for you to take some time off and get away. I mean, who doesn't need an excuse to take a vacay?

You can find even more fun quizzes to take here.

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