"Baby Shark" is Officially A Top 40 Hit On Billboard

Being the father of a 20 something year old son, most of these songs that make toddlers happy and their parents crazy never even come on my radar.  I did my time...I earned the right.  It wasn't until I saw the story of how this song in now on Billboard's Top 40...that I clicked on the song and now I can never go back.  You can't unhear this! It's just so dang catchy! I am a fully grown up human being sitting here watching dang "baby shark" videos...and the challenges...the parodies...wondering where it all went wrong...do do do da do do da.  Because it is in the news today...I am sharing the video...but chances are...you've already seen it and I am the last person on earth to watch it.  In any case...if you've already seen it...I know you want to see it again.  You're welcome! Oh and after you watch it again...check out the grown up version from James Corden

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