Bibb Sheriff's deputy fired, arrested after wrongful use of force incident

According to a release from the Bibb County Sheriff's Office, a deputy was fired Thursday night following a wrongful use of force incident that happened earlier this year.

The deputy, Joseph Bernard Calloway, 54, was fired Thursday night and charged with aggravated assault, making false statements, and violation of oath by police officer.

Body cam footage was reviewed of the incident that took place on April 9th this year wherein Calloway unlawfully discharged his firearm. The release details that an officer cannot discharge a firearm from, or at, a moving vehicle unless being fired upon or in imminent danger of being fired upon. They found that those conditions were not present in this case.

Calloway had been responding to a call of shots fired around the Price Drive area when deputy Corey Ostrow spotted a car leaving the scene after the gunfire had stopped.

Ostrow then pulled his vehicle infant of the car and flashed his lights to get the car to stop when deputy Calloway pulled up behind the stopped car. The driver of the the getaway car put the car in forward gear and fled the scene. That's when Calloway fired his weapon at the car.

The driver of the getaway car was not harmed and managed to escape, but was later arrested and charged with aggravated assault on a police officer.

Calloway's case is being reviewed by the agency's Office of Professional Standards and chief deputy.

Photo: Getty Images

Source: The Telegraph

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