Macon daycare responds to concerns of positive COVID-19 diagnosis

A daycare in Macon announced to Facebook this week that a staff member had tested positive for COVID-19. The daycare released another statement addressing concerns.

Northside Prep Learning Center said in a statement on Facebook that there's "never been a mandate to wear face masks," and that but they allowed only the children's caregivers into its building and asked both parents and teachers if they had symptoms and checked temperatures as a precautionary measure beforehand.

"We chose to manage our business by eliminating anyone other than the child we were caring for from entering the building. We check temperatures 3x’s per day. We ask parents AND teachers if they are having any symptoms. We are only as protected as the way each of us is choosing to live their life. As all of our parents and families know, the safety and security of EVERY person that enters our environment is our TOP priority."

See the full statement below.

Photo: Getty Images

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