Americus teen steps up and pays the bills during mother’s illness

When his mother fell ill, 16 year old Travion Gardner got a job to make ends meet for his family.

Travion Gardner was 13 years old when his mother, Angela Gardner began experiencing changes to her body that made working a challende. By the time Travion was 15, his mother could no longer work and had her car repossessed.

Travion got a part-time job at Captain D's and learned to cut hair on the side to help make ends meet.

In an interview with WXTX, Travion's mother said, “I was so happy,” Angela recalled. “I was so excited. I started crying because I had been praying to God for some changes and it was like God had answered my prayers.”

Travion was hired on as a part-time worker but ended up working full time hours after picking up extra shifts when people called out. There were many nights he worked until close and still made it to school on time in the morning.

With his money, Travion paid the light, water and gas bills as well as the rent.

Travion told WXTX, “Keep trying because some days I didn’t know what was going to happen but tomorrow was a brighter day.”

He recently graduated from high school and leaves to join the Unites States Army this week. He hopes to open a barbershop in his hometown, giving others an opportunity to make a living in honor of his older half-brother who taught him to cut hair and was killed due to gun violence last year.

Source: WXTX

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