Houston County deputy cleared of racial comment caught on tape

A Houston County Sheriff's deputy was accused of calling a woman a racial slur on camera and has since been cleared of wrongdoing.

Security footage of the incident was released on social media and was brought to the attention of the Houston County Sheriff's Office.

The deputy in question was out serving a warrant to the woman shown on tape. When the sheriff arrived, the woman did not answer the door. That's when the woman claims she caught the sheriff using a slur on her security camera. The deputy was walking back to his patrol car at the time of the accused statement.

An investigation by the Houston County Sheriff's Office determined that the deputy was talking on the phone to someone else on a Bluetooth device while he was ringing the woman's doorbell. The conversation he was having was about a time a deer ran out in front of him that stopped in a ditch the night before. He claims the slur the woman heard was misunderstood from his conversation.

The sheriff has since been cleared on wrongdoing.

Photo: Getty Images

Source: WGXA

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