Thomaston community speaks out on officer involved in "black face' post

A Thomaston police officer was permanently terminated this week after a photo of him in black face surfaced. The post the officer made also included offensive racial language.

The post was brought to the attention of Thomaston Police Chief Mike Richardson which led to Patrolman Walter Navarro's termination.

People in the Thomaston community are not yet satisfied with this result. They want to see this incident addressed and call for more officer training to prevent future incidents.

In an interview with WGXA, Rhonda Lynn Traylor a community member says "It was just very hurtful that we have to endure this type of treatment from someone who is supposed to protect us. I know I'm only putting on a small scale of these diversified training, this sensitivity training, that has to happen. There has to be some dialogue because this is only the tip of the iceberg of what just happened.”

Chief Richardson shared that Navarro had the option to either resign or be terminated to which Navarro chose the first option.

In a statement made by the department, the department said, "The conduct of this nature does not meet the high standards our agency and this community expects from our officers."

Photo: Getty Images

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