Macon-Bibb County’s Parks use goats and sheep to clear park

The Cud Crew has teamed up with the Macon-Bibb County’s Parks and Beautification Department to clear out growth in an area near Ingleside Village that is planned for a park.

The group's plan involves using 13 sheep and a goat to eat away at any over and overgrowth on the area where the park is planned to be made. The park is located between East Buford Road, West Buford Road and Ingleside Avenue.

“This is a unique idea but several major cities (Atlanta, Savannah) have had great results using sheep and goats for clearing,” says Parks & Beautification Director Mike Glisson. “Also, with the creek eventually flowing into the Ocmulgee river, we wanted to take an environmentally friendly approach, and the goats help us achieve that objective. They will also eat all the nasty poison ivy and briars making it easier for the tree company to work safely. Goats will go where we either can’t or won’t."

The sheep and goat will be kept in a wooded area close by, surrounded by an electric fence to keep them safe inside away from dogs or predators. Additionally, warning signs will be posted along the fence.

Photo: Getty Images

Source: WGXA

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