Shooting death of Ahmaud Arbery will be going to grand jury trial

According to the district attorney, the Arbery Ahmaud case will be going to a grand jury in Coastal Georgia.

A grand jury will decide whether there should be criminal charges in the controversial case of an unarmed Brunswick man who was shot to death.

The decision was made Tuesday by Hinesville District Attorney Tom Durden after he was requested to review the case.

This comes after an incident in February, when 25-year-old Ahmaud Arbery was shot and killed in a Brunswick neighborhood. Police reports say he was shot by a man who believed Arbery was a burglar after a string of break-ins in the area.

The report says a man and his son chased Arbery in a truck and the men claim the son shot Arbery in self-defense.

Arbery's family said he was out for a jog when he was shot and did nothing wrong.

A video posted by a radio host in Brunswick began circulating yesterday on social media showing the shooting. In the video, Arbery is seen running behind a truck that is stopped. One man is outside of the truck on the driver's side holding a shotgun and another man is in the bed of the truck with a handgun.

Arbery is seen running around the passenger side of the truck and then in front of the truck where you can't see what is happening for a moment.

Then Arbery and the man outside of the truck are then seen struggling. Three shots are fired. Arbery collapses and the video ends.

Arbery’s family’s attorney says police haven’t shown them any video but they believe the video that’s circulating is authentic.

No one has been arrested yet.

The incident gained attention nationally and a website has been created for people to sign a petition demanding that the Dept. of Justice and FBI investigate and charge Gregory and Travis McMichael. The site already has over 141,000 signatures out of their goal of 175,000.


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