2018 London Holiday

     I went on my first overseas trip to London, England for Christmas through New Year's.  I traveled alone and learned many life lessons along the way. Life lesson #1: NEVER pay for a tour. I chose Rick Steve's Tours because I had seen him on PBS and quickly learned that if was the biggest waste of money and their customer service was AWFUL! I won't go into details about my experience, because it's a new year and I do not want to re-live my disappointment, but I will warn you about Rick Steve's Tours, and ask you to avoid them at all costs. 

     Other than that, London was a fantastic city! The sights, sounds, and culture was blended and friendly. How did you spend your holiday? Follow me on Facebook for more pics from my trip. 

@GinaOnTheMic (((HUGS))) Gina Genesis

Everyone gets a picture with the booth

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