Dry Shampoo & Not Washing Your Hair

     With vivid haircolors it is best to NOT shampoo your hair since it washes out some of your semi-permanent color, and all that money just goes down the drain. My advice is to use herbal cleanses for your scalp or dry shampoo to help ease some of the oils your scalp will naturally produce or simply use warm water rinses once a week to reduce oil buildup. I read an article that said that you can use cold water rinses to help wash away sweat and dirt if you need to between warm washes or after a workout. My favorite dry shampoo is Batiste. If you do use anything on your hair to wash, make sure it's as close to natural as possible and use conditioner instead of shampoo. If you have curly, oily hair like mine, I recommend the product pictured below to help nourish your hair, make it smell great, and bring back that curl. Do you use dry shampoo or the "no poo" method (no shampoo)? 

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