What We Can Learn From Bobby Bones


     Congratulations to our morning show host, Bobby Bones, for his performances and win on ABC's Dancing With The Stars! He's at the top of his game right now, being compared to Ryan Seacrest, and earning more and more critics with last night's mirrorball trophy win. In learning Bobby's story, I can relate to his struggle to make his way through the radio/entertainment business. Going through several radio stations myself, and being criticized from everything from my race, my look, my personality, my gender, my hair, my face, my body, my voice, my sexiness (or lack thereof), the list goes on and on. I have done my very best to keep true to my heritage, to my beliefs, to my innate personality and traits. I won't lie, it's a chore, but radio is my passion. Delivering my voice and energy is my gift. It is my therapy. I grew up in a Section 8 house and just last year I was on food stamps to help feed me and my daughter working as a custodian in my trailer park with 2 A.A.'s and a Bachelor's degree, all earned with Honors under my belt. I power through discrimination and other forms of bullying in my life like the fighter I was raised to be. I'm sure I'll get some heat from being so open with my audience (as I typically do), but I'd stop being me, I'd stop being a real person if I pretended that everything has been easy for me, just as Bobby has. That isn't real. No one reading this is living an absolute perfect life. We shouldn't be ashamed of what makes us strong. I'm so proud of those in this business that don't let the critics kill their lust for performance. I am motivated by them, even if I allow my critics to bring me down here and there, I get back up and keep pressing forward. To you out there that might be wanting to give up on something, DON'T!! Stay with me. We can do this! We will do this! Someone out there is counting on us to shine. Keep shining, my friends! Shine with me. 

@GinaOnTheMic (((HUGS))) Gina Genesis

Fail Until You Don't


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