As the daughter of a boxing commentator, and lover of the sport, I grew up watching Rocky movies, so you can bet that I've got my guard up ready to watch, Creed II, today! One of my all time favorite Rocky quotes is, 

  • “It Ain't How Hard You Hit…It's How Hard You Can Get Hit and Keep Moving Forward."

     This quote saves me from the times when I want to just lay on the ground and not get up. When I let the depression and anxiety get the better of me, but then I remember this quote, and I suck it up, and get back on my feet. Rocky movies can help you figure out life and get you through any workout. I CrossFit so there are workouts that will bring me to tears, but like Rocky, I fight through it, and finish it out, win or lose. You'll always win as long as you finish whatever you set out to do the best you can. 

     What's your favorite Rocky movie quote?

@GinaOnTheMic (((HUGS))) Gina Genesis

Got my guard up!

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