Fall 2018 Lipstick Picks

     I love when I'm not trying to be "on trend" or "trendy," but inadvertently choose something that is considered "in."  That's what happened when I decided to look up the "The Best Fall Lipsticks Courtesy of PopSugar.com and Sephora" (Click link for full article courtesy of PopSugar.com & Sephora). 

     Last year, I bought Kat Von D's "Vampira" lipstick lip color at Sephora, and decided to wear it today. I lightened it up a bit with a nude lip liner, and since I haven't had a chance to buy the Vampira lip liner again, I just used a pink lip liner that I have and applied my Vampira lipstick on top. 

     Which Fall lip color do you like to rock?

@GinaOnTheMic (((HUGS))) Gina Genesis

Kat Von D "Vampira" Lipstick

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