Put (One's) Foot In (One's) Mouth

     We all know that people (myself included), have had moments in our lives where we have been told that we just "put our foot in our mouth."  I wonder how young I was when I first heard this saying? Or as I have recently learned, this "idiom"? I wonder what it was that I said? 

     The other day, my co-worker tried to start telling me something about how if I continued to eat that I would lose my "little figure." I quickly tried to stop him because I knew that he was not only putting his foot in his mouth, but he was also getting ready to really upset me. The reality is that I have to work at my fitness, every single day to control my Type 2 Diabetes and to stay healthy. I do so by doing CrossFit 5-6 days a week and eating clean. He later apologized and all is well, but it got me curious about the definition of this idiom. Thanks to TheFreeDictionary.com here's the definition: 


My face when guys say inappropriate things?

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