My Crazy Jobs & Career Fair Tips

My Personal Top 5 Crazy Jobs:

-Custodial Manager for an RV Park 2017-2018

-Fitness Instructor for multiple gyms 2013-2018

-Birthday Hostess/Master Trainer/New Unit Opening Trainer for Chuck E. Cheese's 1999-2001

-Door-to-Door Kirby Vacuums and Cutco Sales Person 2001

-Cashier for ToysRUs and PetsMart 2001-2004

My Top 5 Tips for Career Fair:

-Wear your best pressed business attire. 

-Smile and make eye contact.

-Have plenty of copies of your resume.

-Be aware of your body language.

-Practice your answers to common interview questions such as, "tell me about yourself?" 

Career Fair Poster

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