Broadway Dreams

     Macon's Grand Opera House re-opened yesterday, and the pictures and footage from our partner, WGXA, shows a fully restored event space with renovated bathrooms that will cut down on the long lines of the past. I remember pass by there last month and peeking through the windows on a Sunday afternoon walk through Downtown Macon, and it looked like it had a long way to go. I'm glad to know that it is ready for a fantastic Broadway season with Monty Python's "Spamalot" as it's opening show Nov. 14th-15th. 

     We all have our dreams in life, especially, when we are young. I have always been a musical child. It moves my soul. It heals me. It is my whole world. Without music, I'd be empty. Growing up in a radio station fed me all the music I could have. I remember picking out all the CDs I wanted to listen to for my Dad's radio show and I'd run the board as he studied for his Radio/TV degree which he later earned in his 40s, and then I followed in his footsteps earning my Radio/TV degree with Honors when I was 26. 

     Aside from radio, I was an award-winning competitive Soprano 1 with dreams of going to Julliard and performing on Broadway, but my humble roots held me back. The truth is, we can do whatever we want as long as we believe in ourselves and affirm our determination every second until we get to where we belong. That's how I ended up in Macon, and this is only the beginning. Dream big. 

     What's your dream? Comment below:



Wishing I could be onstage again...

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