Post-Hurricane Stress, Anxiety, Recovery, & PTSD

     Moving here from Texas, I thought I had moved away from Hurricanes and the drama that they leave in their path. I was wrong. Hurricane Michael swept through Middle Georgia last night, and left me feeling emotionally broken. Memories of Hurricane Harvey flooded my mind as we prepared here at the radio station for our coverage of the storm. 

     You see, last year, I was working on-air in radio in Houston, TX when Hurricane Harvey dropped trillions of gallons of water on us and left us stranded at the radio station for a week. I had my daughter, Mona, with me, and we survived, but the aftermath left me almost homeless for months after the storm. I've always lived paycheck to paycheck and my main employer was severely damaged by the flooding. They were shut down for a month as I lost income and struggled to find money for rent and necessities. I was raising my daughter, and was close to having to give her to my ex-husband because we were almost out on the street with no rent money. Thank goodness I had the Granite Towers Foundation graciously pay my rent one month and then my employer, 24 Hour Fitness, paid my rent for the second month as I recovered financially from the storm. 

     I woke up this morning to an anxiety attack and then realized that the Hurricane triggered overwhelming emotions in me. I will always carry that experience with me. It made me stronger. My heart goes out to anyone that has ever experienced loss from a natural disaster. Seriously, you just never know when it's going to be you. Send good vibes into the universe for our brothers and sisters. Here's an article I found that helped me validate my emotions these past couple of days (click the link below):

Here's the article. Thank you for reading this blog.



Camped out with my daughter at radio station during Hurricane Harvey (2017)

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