Help Me?

Click link below for all the details about how a radio host called the cops after seeing this sign: 

The News Story That Explains It All

     This story cracked me up, and got me thinking about how realistic some Halloween decorations can be, and how it would suck if the couple really did need help one day. Much like, "The Boy Who Cried Wolf," tale. Makes me realize that most of us have become desensitized to react to cries for help. I heard an office burglary alarm going off earlier and figured..."hmm, I'm sure it's just an accidental alarm trigger...I think?" I did nothing and just drove away, but 10 years ago, I would have investigated further, so the question here is, would you call the cops if you saw this "Help Me" sign? Have any Halloween decorations ever frightened you as an adult? Leave your comments below:



Do you really need help?

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