Buh-bye Wedding Dress

On my wedding day with my fur-baby, Tucker.

     The year was 2007. It was a noon ceremony in an unconventional location that had meaning to me. We said our vows on my grandparents grave on the 1st anniversary of my grandmother's death (my grandmother raised me). 

     I wore a 2004 Oleg Cassini, A-line, sleeveless gown with multicolored embroidery. Only some family members attended. It was my dream dress.  We divorced in 2014, and in a post-divorce fit, I tossed it into a dumpster along with other memories I was reluctantly letting go of in 2016. 

     I have a bad habit of throwing things in the trash when I'm upset. What crazy little thing do you do when you're upset? 


Gina Genesis @GinaOnTheMic

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