Flirty, Thirty (36), & Thriving

     The title of this blog post is from one of my favorite chick flicks, "13 Going On 30," and it's exactly how I feel post-divorce and in a new city and state. I'm finally starting to find myself and what my new life is. I'm learning to live each day as it comes. Trying not to have expectations of myself or of others because that causes disappointments. Rather, a co-worker gave me a fantastic piece of advice today by saying, "time is a gift, that's why they call it the present." DUHH! That blew my mind today, and for that, I'd like to thank my co-worker, Melissa, and my other co-workers, Slim and Amanda, for always checking in on me and genuinely caring about my happiness in this new phase of my life here in Macon. 

     This new city has inspired a new look for me as well which is typical for me. I like to change my look with any change of phase in my life. For now, I'm enjoying a more laid back vibe with my clothes and also with my makeup. Just keeping it chill and neutral. Like everyone is saying nowadays, "I'm living my best life." 

How have you been feeling lately?


Gina Genesis @GinaOnTheMic

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