Johnny Bananas Asked Bobby For Lunchbox To “Back Off”

Johnny Bananas On Lunchbox

In a twisted turn of events, Lunchbox's possibly favorite reality person ever and dare to say role model Johnny Bananas really hurt his feelings.

When Lunchbox was in Austin, Texas, he happened to be at a bar that Johnny Bananas was at and he went up to him yelling out of excitement. He captured a video of the moment and was just so happy because he finally got to meet the guy he's been watching on reality TV for years. Well then after the picture was posted on social media, Lunchbox and Bananas followed each other on social media.

Lunchbox was just so happy because this is his favorite reality TV person. He even wanted to try to stir up a friendship with Bananas so he sent him a direct message on Instagram. Bananas responded a little close-ended so it wasn't as friendly as Lunchbox had hoped. And after he revealed the direct message situation, Bones decided to share with Lunchbox that Bananas had actually reached out to him via text message.

Bananas asked Bones if he could have his guy back off a bit. Lunchbox was totally heartbroken of the news, he liked Bananas so much that he still wouldn't let anyone talk bad about him despite him being a bit rude about Lunchbox.

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