Ten Phrases That Will Make You Sound Smarter

Whatever the reason may be, there are times in life when you just want to sound smarter. Your choice of language and words can really make a difference. 

Intelligence and wits are highly valued in society, right? There are some phrases for you to easily integrate into conversations that will have you sounding smarter. Here are ten of them.

  1. “All things considered…”
  2. “On a different note…”
  3. “I’m not particularly fond of…”
  4. “It’s imperative that…”
  5. “That’s completely irrelevant”
  6. “We need to contextualize the problem”
  7. “Let me elaborate…”
  8. “What a conundrum!”
  9. “It’s a very striking juxtaposition”
  10. “I’m in a bit of a liminal space at the moment”


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