Why You Shouldn't Skip Leg Day And Eat An Apple

Don’t skip leg day … Lots of us make excuses when it comes to leg day at the gym, but this will make you rethink that. A report from the European Society of Cardiology found that patients with really strong legs are less likely to develop heart failure after a heart attack.

Don’t skip that apple a day, either … A new Harvard study found that apples and blackberries can help prevent older people from getting frail. That’s because apples and blueberries contain flavonoids called quercetin – which can lower your chances of becoming frail and suffering falls and fractures as you age.

“There may be some validity to the old saying, an apple a day keeps the doctor (or frailty) away,” said the authors. “Our findings suggest that for every 10 mg higher intake of flavonols per day, the odds of frailty were reduced by 20%. Individuals can easily consume 10 mg of flavonols intake per day, since one medium sized apple has about 10 mg of flavonols.”

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