Pillow Talk: How Many Are People Using When They Bed Down

Tomorrow is World Sleep Day. If you want to start celebrating TONIGHT, here are a few stats from a new poll on sleep habits...


1. 42% of Americans prefer to sleep on their SIDE . . . 18% are usually BACK sleepers . . . and 17% sleep on their stomach. 

2. Some people need a consistent set-up each night to fall asleep, but 22% of people claim they switch up their sleeping position every single night. And 64% of people consider themselves "restless sleepers."  (Which is an oxymoron.)

3. Only 1-in-10 people wake up feeling refreshed every morning.

4. On average, people say they need to sleep with THREE pillows. Which sounds fine . . . until you consider that for every person who sleeps with one, there's someone who's buried in FIVE pillows. 



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