Newest Instagram Trend is Posing Like a Flamingo!?

Get ready to see A LOT of people posing the same way on your Instagram this summer because the newest pose trend for the season is called the "Flamingo!"

The pose is basically standing at a slight angle to the camera on one leg, with the other leg bent and folded, tucking your foot behind your thigh like a flamingo. Posers like to do it leaning against or standing by a wall, but you're a pro if you can do it without leaning on anything!

Famous faces like Beyoncé and Gigi Hadid are even on the trend because most stars are using the pose as an opportunity to show off their long, toned legs and designer dresses!

However, if you’re just an everyday person who wants to spice up their Insta this summer then look below for some flamingo pose inspirations!



Amy James


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