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Watch The Best Commercials That Played During The Big Game

My sports knowledge is limited, so my attendance at any game-watching parties is for the food, commercials, and half-time show. The commercials are forever my part of the big game that comes around each year and there were some pretty good ones yesterday. I mean, Cardi B , Marvel, Backstreet Boys , and the return of Toy Story were all part of commercials that aired last night.

The first commercial is for you Game of Thrones fans! Bud Light's commercial recreated a horrific scene from the popular series.

Chance the Rapper teamed up with Backstreet Boys in the Doritos commercial that aired last night. Yes, he danced along with the boy band.

Pepsi's commercial featured Cardi B ., Lil Jon , and Steve Carrell.

Marvel fans, we got two trailers last night!

I'm a huge fan of The Handsmaid's Tale and loved this because I'm pumped for season three. Notice how it played off of Reagan's "It's Morning Again In America" commercial?

I'm 23-years-old, so Toy Story was definitely part of my childhood. You'll see me in theaters with the kids watching Toy Story 4 .

I was really excited for this NFL commercial! I saw it being teased on Saturday and the concept is just so funny! How many people can you name?

There were so many other great commercials that aired last night! Which was your favorite?

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