Americans Would Rather Spend Money Attending Live Events Than Vacation

Live events including concerts, festivals, sports games, and theater performances are becoming increasingly important in American life and according to a new study commissioned by FanDragon Technologies, many would rather spend money on attending live events than a vacation.

The Fan Experience Index™ surveyed 1,200 U.S. adults to better understand how event costs, engagement and ticketing processes impact the overall audience experience. The report revealed the social importance of live events. Seventy-four percent of Americans would rather spend money on attending live events than a vacation. Sixty-seven percent have taken time off from work to attend or "recover" from the event. Forty-seven percent admitted to using these types of events to make new connections or hook up. The report also revealed that roughly 61 percent of fans want government regulation to stop ticket fraud and scalping.

"The Fan Experience Index packed a bunch of surprises. Yes, the magic of live events is real. But it's a delicate balance of many elements -- talent, venues, technology and fans -- all coming together for a memorable experience. If any element is out of balance, the magic can be lost -- replaced with disappointment and lost revenue," said FanDragon Technologies' founding CEO Robert Weiss in a press release. "The Index discovered that while audiences are dedicated to live events -- venues, teams and artists must reimagine how they engage with fans. To encourage greater loyalty, they must protect fans from a host of issues negatively impacting their experience."

The report also revealed that one in six Americans are willing to spend up to $1,000 on live events, 23 percent have attempted to sneak into an event they were unable to afford, 65 percent of Americans have an app on their phone for purchasing and storing event tickets, and Americans love receiving tickets to a live event as a gift.

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