How To Order The Gossip Girl Latte

Happy first day of fall! I know it is like 90 degrees out, but just let me soak in the fact that fall is here, even if the weather is not cooperating.

I love watching Gossip Girl in the fall. I have dreams of living in New York and Gossip Girl just screams "FALL" to me. Not really sure why, but it does. I mean, the Thanksgiving episodes are iconic, you know? I also love Starbucks and grabbing a pumpkin spice latte or salted caramel mocha.

If you love Gossip Girl and Starbucks, stay with me here. I'm telling you how to order the Gossip Girl latte.

To create this drink, you can't just say you want a Gossip Girl latte. It isn't on the menu. The easiest way is to order it on the Starbucks app. Start with the base of a grande Cinnamon Dolce latte. Replace the two pumps of the cinnamon dolce syrup for two pumps of vanilla syrup. Replace the cinnamon dolce sprinkles with cinnamon powder and then, add smoked sea salt topping. Trust me, it is so good.

This is so worth all the swaps. Bustle says the Gossip Girl latte is "as salty as Georgina Sparks, as rich as Chuck Bass, and as memorable as Blair Waldorf's rotating cast of headbands, and, of course, as Instagrammable as Serena van der Woodsen's shenanigans. She is beauty, she is grace — she is the Gossip Girl Latte."

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