I'm Finally Tempted to Try Waist Training!

There is so much pressure from society for moms to bounce back to their pre-baby body (or better) right after baby. You only need to look at celebs to know the standard that being held to. The average mom, like myself, can't afford plastic surgery, and unfortunately loose skin is a problem for most of us. I used a waist trainer after my only child was born in 2010 and have never picked another one up since. Instead, I've spent years working in the fitness industry and even at my fittest, I still had loose skin. A problem that is a result from years of being overweight, age and motherhood.

Now, I'm proud to say that I'm fit and healthy but there will always be that loose skin that I can't get rid of without surgery. I've tried tightening creams, and of course core strengthening, but even with a strong core, my loose belly skin makes me appear unfit. My abs are hidden beneath the loose skin and stubborn belly fat. I've learned to try to accept my body, but the pressure to have an hourglass shape in our society, and especially in this entertainment industry, is ridiculous.

I ran into this story and thought I'd share the pros and the cons of waist training, which is something I never thought that I'd try, but now, am extremely tempted to. Never say never. I guess?

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