In Memoriam of Delma Garza, My Radio Sister/Idol

     Where do you start when you lose someone that did something amazing for you, and you couldn't be there for them? I gave my prayers, and I sent my love, but it was nothing compared to what she did for me. Delma Garza, was an extraordinary personality. Her comedic timing, her wit, her ability to play characters on the air, her sultry voice, her beautiful hair, her beautiful EVERYTHING! An amazing talent I could only hope to be someday. The news of her passing broke my heart over the weekend. All I could say was, "no! It's not fair! That sucks! No! She was too young! She was so awesome! Such a good person! Why?" The same things we all say when we lose someone before their time. 

     In a business where many women can be catty and keep you down, she didn't, she took me under her wing and guided and protected me from others and sometimes from myself. She brought me back into radio when I needed it the most. Under sad circumstances because she brought me in to cover for her nightly radio show, KBAY AFTER DARK, a spin on Delilah. She was the Delilah of South Texas. With love quotes and encouragement mixed with 4 hours of love songs from Pop to R&B. She was a woman of broad musical tastes with a talent not only to speak, but also to sing, and manipulate her voice to fit a character. Something I'm no good at, but loved to listen to her do. A prankster, an uncanny ability to follow through with any joke without breaking character. I just want to desperately to make her proud of the time she took with me, and I will. My lovely Delma, thank you so much for the laughs, for the advice, for listening to me, for helping me continue my passion for radio, for being a sister, for the love and laughter you brought the world. We will never forget you. All my love to your spirit and energy, my friend, you live on in all the chapters of our lives that you helped us fill. I love you, Delma. 

Tu Chica,

Gina G. 

Show love in the comments to anyone you've lost. 

@GinaOnTheMic (((HUGS))) Gina Genesis

My prayer when I heard you needed a miracle.

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