Money Grows on Trees!

     For the majority of us, money isn't easy to come by. We work for it, pray for it, and realize how hard it is to get and how easily it is spent. I heard something really great this morning from a former Monk on YouTube that now coaches corporate elite in how to be more successful. He said that we should treat money the same way that we treat energy. I'll link the YouTube video if you'd like to learn more. With money on the brain today, I found out that the Georgia Lottery is nearing a billion dollars this weekend. I have yet to play the Lottery (even back home in Texas). I think it's time to lose my lottery virginity this weekend. Find out where winning tickets were sold here in Macon/Middle GA this past week by clicking The Telegraph article by Liz Fabian below. 

     What do you think? Do you have any lottery tips to give a newbie? Do you have lucky numbers you always play? Comment below:



Information courtesy of LIZ FABIAN 

Click here for more Lottery Info from The Telegraph

Oh, if only money was this easy to find?...

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