A Sucker For Love

The article that sparked this blog post. JLo & ARod's relationship. Click this link.

      Since my divorce 5 years ago, I've been struggling to find true love and commitment in this new age of social media. I've followed JLo's love life and I'm so impressed by her relationship with her ex-husband, Marc Anthony, and her current relationship with her boyfriend, ARod. 

     I think it's so cool that JLo signed an autograph for ARod 20 years ago, and then is now in a loving, supportive relationship with him. I just think it is the greatest thing when I hear about love stories like this. I grew up watching Spanish soap operas so I'm a sucker for love. 

     I have had a habit of leaving a candle/light on to spirit for love and protection, but since moving to Macon, I hadn't been doing it. Well, this past week, I finally got back into my groove and here it is. May it guide me in love and light. What do you do to find and nurture love in your life? 



I try to keep a flame burning for love and protection.

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