Things To Know Before Going To A Music Festival

We've still got some time left before summer ends, so there's still time to squeeze in a music festival before the leaves change colors.

Gina and I are headed to Pepsi Gulf Coast Jam next weekend, so we're gearing up for a fun, country-music-filled weekend. Music festivals are totally different from concerts. The whole vibe and atmosphere is different. My favorite thing about music festivals is that they're usually multiple days, so you get to enjoy live music multiple days in a row!

If you've never attended a music festival, there are definitely some tips you need to know! Here's my advice!

1. Wear the right clothes

Here's the thing about summer music festivals. It is usually hot, the ground can be muddy, and you're outside all day long. Do wear cute clothes. I mean, you can get super cute pictures for Instagram while you're there, but be practical. Save your white shorts and expensive shoes for another day.

2. Be prepared

You definitely want to bring a bag with you, but check all the rules before you head out. At Pepsi Gulf Coast Jam, only clear bags are permitted. I'm using a really cute, monogrammed bag from Etsy. You definitely want to make sure you bring money, a portable charger, sunglasses, sunscreen, and an empty water bottle. Also, a light blanket is great in case it gets cold or if you want to sit!

3. Have a plan

Don't try and make a plan of who you want to see when you get there. There will probably multiple stages and you might want to go to more than one stage, so make a plan before you go. Don't wait until you get there.

4. Don't lose your friends

This is where the Find My Friends app might be really useful. Make sure that you all know everyone's plans and if you are separating at any moment, don't let anyone go alone. Have a central meeting spot and tell each other if anyone is planning on leaving!

5. Have fun!

Enjoy the festival! Sing along, dance with your friends, and just have a blast! I'm most excited to see Thomas Rhett at Pepsi Gulf Coast Jam, so you'll definitely find me singing all the words during his performance!

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