Strange Encounters In The Produce Aisle

     On an interesting trip to Food Depot with Shawty Slim (97.9 WIBB-FM) this morning, I discovered many things I had never seen before since I'm from Texas, and my regular stores back in Texas were Aldi and H.E.B. 

      Slim was there to buy an avocado, and we ended up finding them, but also finding something called a "Slimcado." According to my Google Home speaker, the "Slimcado," is a Florida avocado which is typically larger than the more common Hass avocados.  

    We also found "Soul Food Seasoning," and something called "dill weed." However, the cutest find were the baby bananas. What weird things have you encountered in the grocery store? 


Gina Genesis @GinaOnTheMic

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