Street Dictionary

     Yesterday was my day to learn about the Street Dictionary assistant on my Google Home speaker. I wanted to know what the phrase, "some type of way," meant because a co-worker used that phrase, and I wanted clarification, so I hit up my Google assistant. 

     What ensued after was a series of ridiculous misunderstandings on what I was asking and long-winded definitions that I could not stop by simply saying, "stop." I had to wait until she was completely finished with her definition. The picture below is the face I make when I'm trying really hard to be patient, but I'm losing my mind waiting.  

     Follow me on Instagram to get more of my interesting Street Dictionary moments. What else should I ask Street Dictionary? 


Gina Genesis @GinaOnTheMic

The Look I Make When I'm Trying To Be Patient
My Google Home Speaker
Cracking Up At The Ridiculousness

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