Victoria's Secret Sexy Underwear Are Rubik's Cubes

     I went window shopping at the Galleria in Warner Robins over the weekend, and was amazed by the super sexy underwear that was on sale at Victoria's Secret. First of all, let me just say that I'm deeply saddened that the sale ended Sunday, and I just got paid today, so I wasn't able to take advantage of the Buy 3, get 3 sale. 

     It took a girlfriend of mine to help me figure out what in the hell this string was for! LMAO! Apparently it is a "belt" type of sexy accent that goes around your hips. Ugh! I'm dying because I really love them, but felt like an idiot trying to figure out a Rubik's Cube. Hence, Victoria's Secret sexy undies are Rubik's Cubes. You're welcome. 


Gina Genesis @GinaOnTheMic

What the hell?

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