Making Friends At Latin Karaoke in Warner Robins

Had a great time making friends at Latin Karaoke night at Aqua Lounge in Warner Robins Friday night. Here's a pic with my new friend, Alex. I had a Hammer Dance/Hammer Pants dance off with my co-worker Harold, and he showed me how they do it in Atlanta, or as he calls it, the "A." 

The Long Island Iced Teas there are the best, and our bartender Jennifer knows how to mix'em so hit her up when you go, and tell her Gina from The Bull sent ya. 

Karaoke is my happy place. That along with freestyle dancing, CrossFit, and binge watching shows are my favorite hobbies. 


Gina Genesis @GinaOnTheMic

Long Island Iced Tea From Aqua Lounge
With My New Buddy Alex

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